Notices and Updates






Rosebud Gas Co-op has decided to institute a fee of $2.00 per month for customers wanting to receive a paper copy of their bill. We have decided this to help fight rising costs and to do our part in reducing the amount of paper we use. This will help ensure that we do all we can to keep our operating cost down, resulting in us being able to pass these savings along to our customers.

We are constantly trying to find ways to keep our rates as low as we can but still supply a safe and reliable service. We feel moving towards a more digital billing system is just one area where we can improve.

Effective July 1,2023, the $2.00 per month fee will be added to any account still receiving a paper copy, so please sign up for E-billing today!

You can let us know by calling 403-533-3882 or e-mailing us your name, account number and e-mail address to

Best Regards,

Lee Kornelson
General Manager
Rosebud Gas Co-op Ltd.