Natural Gas Heat  –  Next best thing to a chinook!

Mission Statement: At Rosebud Gas Co-op, our mission is to offer safe, reliable, and efficient natural gas heat to the customers in our franchise area.  As a member-owned Cooperative, we can provide this service at a price point lower than other heating options.

Current Rates: Effective May 1st, 2024:

Cost of Gas = $1.57/GJ

Delivery Chg $1.40/GJ

Carbon Tax $4.095/GJ

Monthly Fixed Chg $30.00/month

Monthly Infrastructure Chg $4.00/month

Gas Rates:    Rosebud Gas Co-op, along with other Co-ops in the province, are shareholders of Gas Alberta Inc and purchase our gas exclusively through them.  The Gas Alberta Inc portfolio includes hedged, storage, long and short term, and daily spot purchases, and typically provides competitive pricing as compared to the investor-owned utilities in Alberta.    The delivery charge and monthly fixed charges combined, cover the costs of delivery as well as providing services for our customers such as line locates, trouble calls, emergency response and the maintenance of our pipeline distribution system.

If you require Natural Gas Service
in the Rosebud Gas Co-op Franchise Area
please call 403-533-3882 before Sept 30th

Please Contact Us if you have any questions!